Thursday, 26 April 2012

World Of Joy music mix - April 2012

Not strictly to do with Seven Inch Singles but it is another little occasional project so I thought I'd share it here....

Back by popular demand.  The World Of Joy.  An occasional and eclectic mix of diverse sounds, samples, film dialogue, comedy and sound effects that is designed to educate, surprise and delight.  The World Of Joy - why live anywhere else?

Cluster & Eno - Ho Renomo
The Doors - Soul Kitchen (Shimi Sonic Remix)
Scroobius Pip - Death Of The Journalist
Johnny Cash - Ghost Riders In The Night (Mojo Filter Red-Eye Remix)
Richard Hawley - Baby, You're My Light
Mick Ronson - Only After Dark
Mara Carlyle - But Now I Do
Shangri-Las - Remember (Walkin' In The Sand)
David Bowie - Sons Of The Silent Age
The Clash - Justice Tonight
The Free Design - Pineapple Crabapple
David Byrne - Eggs In A Briar Patch
The Cramps - Human Fly
The Move - Flowers In The Rain
The Creation - Painter Man
The Tenors - Ride Me Donkey
The Kinks - Lola
Jah Wobble - A Love Song
Manic Street Preachers - Motorcycle Emptiness
? & The Mysterians - 96 Tears
Metronomy - The Look

Listen above or click here
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